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Introducing Bangkok
BANGKOK THE CITY OF ANGELS Thailand's capital and gateway city is BANGKOK. Founded in 1782 by King Rama I and located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, a few kilometres upstream from its outflow into the Gulf of Siam,Bangkok sprawls across a flat plain. It is the capital in every sense of the word. It is where the Royal Family resides, it is also the seat of government and administration, and it is the focal point for virtually all major industrial, commercial and financial activities. It is the country's main port and home to one tenth of the Kingdom's population. "Krung Thep" translates as "city of Angles" and is the first in the whole string of illustrious titles that properly define the place and, incidentally, earn a listing in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's longest place name. To the Thais, Bangkok is always Krung Thep, the spiritual and symbolics and as well as the physical heart of the nation. Initial impressions are of a modern, dynamic metropolis bustling with businesses. The skyline is dominated by thrusting highrise buildings, luxury hotels, department stores and shopping malls.

Things to do and see in Bangkok

Ancient City
Known as Muang Boran, the ancient city is a Potpourri of Thailand in miniature form this 200 acres open air museum is surrounded by constructed to one third of its original size and carefully landscaped to give an atmosphere of its actual surrounding.
Ayuthaya Ancient Capital
Thailand, The Land of Smiles, Is a nation With A Long History Of Over 1000 Years. Before Bangkok, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya And Thonburi Were Successively The Capitals Of The Country.
Ayutthaya Used To Be A Flourishing And Prosperous Capital In The Past. It Was The Capital - for 417 Years. And during This Long Period There Arose A Great Deal of Construction, among them were numberous palace and Temples. As More Than 30 Monarches Ruled over Ayutthaya, innumerable Events Occurred, Some Of Which Were Historically Recorded, While Others Became Exciting Legends, Still Narrated Nowadays, The Ruined Temples And Palaces Either Naturally Worn Out By Time Or Destroyed By Wars, Were No Doubt The Valuable Ancient Sites, A Perfect Reflection Of Golden And Legendary Glorious Past.
As A Lucky Tourist Who Has a Chance to Visit Thailand. Hence We Would Highly Recommend You To Participate In The So-Called Tour Of Retraced Epoch, In Order That You Will Have A Close Touch With Reality, Living Mode Of The Common People, And Enjoy A Pure Nature. All These Can Be Achieved By A One-Day Excursion Which Is Both Informative And Impressively Delightful.
For Your Comfort, The Tour Is Divide Into Two Parts Namely:
Leave Bangkok By Air-Conditioned Coach To Ayuthaya. Drive Pass The Lush Green Paddy Fields Alternated With Growing Industrial Areas. Upon Arrival In Ayuthaya, You Will Be - Thrilled By The Trace Of Bygone Glory And Grandeur Of Our Former Capital. There Are Teeming Ruins Of Palaces, Temples And Pagodas.

This Temple Houses the Largest Bronze Buddha Image in Thailand. Very Surprising Indeed to see how the people In Those Days Could Manage To Build Such A Gigantic Buddha Without The Help Of Our Modern-Day Devices.

It Was the Favourite Summer Resort For Thai Kings From Ayutthaya To Rattanakosin Time. Various Royal Halls Were Beautifully Restored And Decorated With A Great Variety Of Nice Flower Plants. The Halls Themselves Are In Diverse Architectural Designs Including Thai, European And Chinese, For Example, The Exquisite Vehaschamroon Hall, The Superb Aisawan Thiphaya- Art Pavillion.
Bangkok Canal Tour
Travel By motor Launch or long-tailed speed boat on, Chao Phraya River and Klong(or Canals) to see the screne family homes and temples along the water - way which gives this city the name 'Venice of the east' Along the way ,stop at the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) whose 79 m spire silhoutte has become so identified with Bangkok. There will be ample opportunity to photograh the magnificent multicolored porcelain-studded towers.
Bridge on The River Kwai
Kanchanaburi is Thailand's third largest province, covering an area of 19,486 square kilometers. The provincial area is mountainous and borders Myanmar to the west. The province of Kanchanaburi consists of 13 districts or Amphoe of which Amphoe Muang, Amphoe Sai Yok, Amphoe Thong Pha Phum, Amphoe Sangkhlaburi, Amphoe Tha Muang, Amphoe Bo Phloi, and Amphoe Si Sawat are tourist destinations. Kanchanaburi is the site of the world-famous Bridge Over The River Kwae, immortalized in books and movies, and is noted for rugged natural beauty where mountains and river valleys have inspired development of hydro-electric power and where labyrinthine reservoirs provide further scenic elements to the province's natural beauty.
There are two museums in Kanchanaburi, the JEATH Museum and the World War II Museum. The JEATH Museum was built in 1977 by the chief abbot of Wat Chaichumpol. Its bamboo structure resembles the huts the POW's were forced to live in during their internment. JEATH is an acronym for the soldiers of Japan, England, Australia, Thailand and Holland, all of whom helped build the infamous Death Railway.
The World War II Museum, located at the site of the old bridge, was opened on 5 December 1988 by Boonyiam Chansiri and her family. Her father died fighting the Japanese when she was only eleven years old. The Bridge on the River Kwai. Made famous by the 1957 film starring Alec Guinness, William Holden and Jack Hawkins, the bridge is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Thailand today. Take a ride through history on the famous "death Railway" train, passing lush forest scenery.
The Bangkok 's Ultimate Fantacy Cabaret Show
Great Experience Bangkok's exciting night life with the Membo cabaret Show Thailand's new wave of Entertainment .You can't leave Bangkok without seeing The Membo Cabaret Show ( The Bangkok's Ultimate Fantacy Show) Show time 8.30 p.m. and 10.00 p.m. Free one Drink ( Alcohol & Soft Drink )
Dinner Cruise
THE MOST LUXURIOUS & EXCITING CRUISE Spend an exciting and memorable evening cruising and dining along the Chao Phraya River amidst the enchanting atmosphere of the East. Witness the sensational view of the chao Phraya River by night while enjoying your gourmet and elegant buffet dinner accompanied by the melody of light music. It will be a moment of lasting memory for your life-time.
Visit The Dream Garden
where you'll find beautiful flowers or be thrilled by the sight of the world's renowned architectural wonders such as the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You can take the cable car climbing all the way to the Lake of Paradise.

Cable Car Climb into the cable car taking you over the Lake Of Paradise and Fantasy Land.

Take the Dream World train
through the caves, lake and Fantasy Land.

Bicycle Boat
Exercise your legs while relaxing
your eyes with breathtaking scenery on the Lake of Paradise by Bicycle Boat.
Floating Market Tour
The largest and most photographed of the Floating Markets, it opens daily from before dawn until midmorning. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, situated 110 kms west of Bangkok, is a very attractive place for tourists to see the old style and traditional way of selling and buying fruits, vegetables, etc., from small boats. The vendors wear traditional blue cotton suits and bamboo and palm leaf hats, the vendors paddle their loaded boats up and down the waterway hailing customers. You will also see Thai traditional houses and the way they live as well as tasting exotic fruits, local food and refreshing drinks along the waterway.
Grand Palace
This is a "must" for every visitor to Bangkok, for the Grand Place Complex, which includes the Temple of The Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Keow) is unquestionably one of the wonders of the world today. Within its enormous grounds is the most exotic Buddhist temple and at the heart of the temple itself is a fabulous Buddha image, carved from one piece jade, which is the holiest and most revered of religious objects in Thailand today. Nearby is the Grand Palace, once the official home of the Kings of Siam-built in traditional Thai architecture mixed with European designs. You will also visit The Royal Funeral Hall and The Royal Coronation Hall. This Palace has an area of 218,400 sq. meters and is surrounded by walls built in 1783. The length of the four walls totals 1900 meters. Within these walls are situated government offices and the Chapel Royal of the Emerald Buddha besides the royal residences.When Siam restored law and order after the fall of Ayudhya the monarch lived in Dhonburi on the other side of the river. Rama I, immediately on ascending the throne, moved the center of administration to this side of the Chaopraya; and, after erecting public monuments such as fortifications and monasteries, built a palace to serve not only as his residence but also his office’s the various ministries, only one of which remains in the palace walls. This palace came to be known as the Grand Palace, in which the earliest edifices contemporary with the foundation of Bangkok were the two groups of residences named the Dusit Mahaprasad and the Mahamontien.
Rice Barge Cruise
The rivers and khlongs (canals) around Bangkok serve as a natural highway for many local Thai people going about their everyday business. The people of Bangkok still depend on the waterways to transport their merchandise, in particular rice, as the canals are linked to the rice fields. This relaxed afternoon cruise will allow you to observe life happen in the 'The Venice of the East'. You will cruise the canals by long tailed boat, through exotic flora and picturesque canal houses, before joining a converted rice barge cruise on the Chao Phraya River.
Rose Garden & Thai Dancing
Enjoy the unique and unforgettable experience of the world-renowned Thai Village Cultural Show. Daily, over 150 performers vividly portray a fascinating cross-section of Thailand's culture, heritage and way of life -- dances, ceremonies, rituals, sports and pastimes. The 60-minute action-packed show highlights:

Thai Martial Arts:
Thai-style boxing is extremely popular in Thailand. Accompanied by its unique ritual and ceremony, it is an art that demands a high degree of skill and fitness. The boxers dance around with great agility and are permitted to use - elbows, hands, feet, knees. In fact, just about any part of their supple and well-sculpted physique. Sword fighting, a traditional and historical form of combat for both male and female warrior’s dates back over 600 years.

Thai Wedding Ceremony:
Witness a traditional Thai wedding ceremony performed according to ancient Thai customs. It is a ceremony of pageantry, humility, joy and splendor with all the friends and relatives of the newly-weds participating.

Ordination Into The Monkhood:
In Thailand, young men usually spend a period of time in the Buddhist Monkhood. To mark a young novice's entry into the monk-hood, the Buat Naag ritual consisting of a traditional procession followed by the ordination ceremony is performed. It is attended by the groom's relatives and close friends who make the event, a colorful, joyful and enjoyable occasion as the young man embarks on a period of study and meditation.

The Fingernail Dance:
The Fingernail Dance is a graceful dance which originated from the North of Thailand. It is usually performed as a gesture of greeting and welcome.

Dance From The North East:
A mixture of North Eastern dances which collectively and symbolically express greetings and good luck.

Bamboo Dance:
Another North Thailand dance, which is usually performed during the the full moon. It requires great skill, practice and timing. Even a small slip can be very painful.

Kala Dance:
The Kala Dance comes from the southern part of Thailand. The dance features coconut shells and reflects the importance of coconuts in everyday village life.

Yoey Dance:
From the Central Plains of Thailand. This is a dance of flirtation and fun.

Elephants at Work:
As they still do today in the teak forests of Northern Thailand. You will enjoy riding on them. In addition to the unique and unforgettable experiences of the Thai Village Cultural Show, experience the typical rural Thai way of life in the Thai village at The Rose Garden Cultural Centre. See villagers at work in a natural setting creating traditional village handicrafts, weaving silk, making pottery, painting umbrellas, making "Khon" masks, weaving mat, making traditional Thai dolls, carving fruit and vegetables, making garlands, threshing rice, and crafting intricate silver and laquerware. These and many more fascinating aspects of Thai Village life are depicted and we believe you will treasure the memories of your visit for a long time to come.
Safari Zoo & Marine World
Safari World, Thailand's greatest and most popular open zoo. Covering over 200 acres, Safari World comprises of two main attractions - Safari Park and Marine Park. If you have never been to Africa then the Safari Park is the ultimate safari experience. Drive in the comfort of your car through the African designed landscapes to see hundreds of animals from all over the world. At the Marine Park you can take a jungle cruise, see the white tiger exhibit, visit adventure island or catch one of the many exciting shows including a stunt show, dolphin show or professional water skiing.
Sampran Elephant & Crocodile Show
For the first time ever. An elephant show complete with dramatic sound and narration. Be entertained to a host of shows and demonstrations of elephant at work and at play. See for yourself how elephants are rounded up and used during battles in ancient Siam amidst a historical background. A most memorable entertainment will be the mockup battle of the mighty war between King Naraesuan. The Great and The Burmese Prince where elephants were used by both armies.
Temples and Bangkok City Tour
Thailand has over 26,000 Wats or temples. This tour brings you to the 3 most distinguished temples in Bangkok. Wat Trimitr, the Temple of the Golden Buddha the statue of Buddha is made from solid gold weighting 5.5 tons. It is a fine example of Sukhothai art and was discovered by chance from a layer of stucco during construction of the temple. Passing through Chinatown your next stop is Wat Po, the temple of the Reclining Buddha the largest and oldest in Bangkok. Your last stop is at Wat Benchamabopit the marble temple. This magnificent monastery was built with white Italian marble from Carrara.

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