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Introducing Hua Hin
Hua Hin & Cha-Am, There is a wide selection of tours and sightseeing opportunities around Hua Hin and Cha-Am. There are historical sites, temples and traditional markets as well as Soft Adventure Trekking tours and, of course swimming and snorkeling. Click on the link below to find a detailed description of routing, sightseeing spots.

Things to do and see in Hua Hin

Sam Roi Yod National Park & Farm
Nearly 50 km south, there is the National Park Khao Sam Roi Yod (valley of 300 hills). On the way, we see many pineapple farms. We will see more about the production of this excellent fruit. After we reach the fishing village Ban Bang Phu, we will travel by small boat to the beach of Laen Sala. From this point we need 1/2 hour before we reach the Drop Stone Cave Phraya Nakhon. In the cave, King Rama 5 had built a pavilion, the landmark of the province Prachuabkirikhan. We will go down and have time to go swimming, before our boat bring us back to the fisher village, where our waiting for us. After the lunch we look around and we see many product, rice, pine- apple, coconut and cactuses for make medicine, produced by the farmer. We return to hotel around 16:00 p.m.
Petchaburi Temple
About one hour bus ride to the province capital of Petchaburi Province, 60 km north of Hua Hin. We visit Mahatat Temple to see a five peaked pagoda which is assumed to have been built in Khmer period (approx. 800 years ago). Also in the edifice are various images of Buddha. 3 of which are highly respected and revered by the people of Petchaburi. -visit Kamphaeng Laeng Temple, a former Khmer sanctuary which later became a Buddhist Temple and then proceed to Khao Luang Cave in an underground cavern housing’ 170 revered Buddha statues.
See the summer residence of King Mongkut (King Rama 5) known as Khao Wang, a palace set on a 95 meters high hill in enchanting surroundings with magnificent views. See the summer residence of King Mongkut (King Rama 5) known as Khao Wang, a palace set on 95 meter high hill in enchanting surroundings with magnificent views. Here you can also see the museum with furniture of this area. After Petchaburi 30 minute drive along the beach at Cha Am and visiting Neranchara Temple which is regarded as the biggest Buddha image of Mahayana Buddhism on Cha Am Beach, viewing Cha Am Beach before returning.
Hua Hin and Surroundings
This is a short half day trip and is an excellent chance for everybody to see the most interesting parts of town of Hua Hin, as a group. 15 km north of Hua Hin is the largest teak wood palace in Thailand.
King Rama 6 had this summer residence build. After sightseeing here we move on to an exotic animal garden and the beautiful railway station of the town. Ten minutes later we arrive at Khao Takiab, with its wild monkeys, which we feed and get a lovely view of the skyline of Hua Hin. At around 1.00 p.m. we arrive back at the hotel.
Huay Yang Waterfall
one day trip in non tourist Thailand, you have the chance to collect an experience of the countryside. Nearly 2 hours by car to the south, are located the Huay Yang Waterfall, which fall over 5 steps.
We walk along the river bed up to the nicest pool to take refreshment and a picnic. A visit to the army check point at the Burmese border dives us a chance to experience the tension between the two countries.
Last but not least we have a look at the capital of the province of Prachuabkhirikhan and the famous mirror mountain (Khao Chong Krachok). On the 400 Step climb we are escorted by wild monkeys.
From the top of the hill we can enjoy a wonderful view over the bay and can see the Tennaserim mountain range, which is the natural border with Burma and the narrowest part of ‘Thailand. After a visit to the city pillar we return to Hua Hin to arrive in the early evening.
Bangsaphan Snorkeling, Swimming
A recently built Highway connects us directly with the 200 km southern situated city of Bangsaphan. The Road takes us pats the province capital Prachuabkhirikhan. There is the narrowest place of Thailand 14, 2 km broad. After a trip of 45 minutes we make there a short stop and throw a glance on the mirror mountain, which is the Land mark of this city. After one more hour we reach our goal by an air-conditioned Minibus.
Directly in a bay our Boat is waiting for us, which is equipped by the crew with snorkeling equipment. Now the trip goes directly to an inhabited island. Five lonely grass huts in which Fishermen sometimes rest, are standing there side by side, at the side of a pretty bay with white sand.
The water is so clear, that you can see colorful fish. For the swimmer a joy, the friends of snorkeling will have an unforgettable experience. You will see in the water a garden of corals and fish swimming around.
Then we go to a small island with a coral reef ‘in front of it. The friends of snorkeling will have again a great joy.
Then we go back to our starting point. The boat trip lasts 3-5 hours, depending wish of the guests. We make groups of 4-8 persons each boat with leader an crew. The time to receive to Bangsaphan from Hua Hin takes almost 2 hours. The trip will take totally 8-10 hours.
Pala U Waterfall
From all parts of Kaeng Krachan National Park the area of Pala U waterfall is the most fantastic with its untouched nature, that can be reached in only one day. Located west of Hua Hin this unspoiled jungle area, is waiting to be explored. After only half hour drive we reach a holy area.
Here the King of Thailand King Bhumibol 4 Rama 9 spent the time of his monk hood. By bus we pass two small streams and then near the Burmese border, the waterfall is located.
Petchaburi Palace and Thai Farm
A one hour-ride leads you to Petchaburi, 60 km north of Hua Hin. This busy commercial center is famous for its great many temples (the mining of diamonds= petch=however finished long ago).
First you go to the Wang hill near to the city. On the hilltop you visit an old summer-palace of King Rama 4th and the scenic park. After that you head for the famous Mahatat temple in Petchaburi, a remarkable monument of the centuries old Khmer architecture, an important spiritual center of Buddhism in Thailand till today. In front of the temple you can admire traditional Thai dances, too.
The next destination is Khao Luang (royal mountain), situated about 4 km outside the city. There you enter an extended natural cave. Its several caverns are filled with rows of buddha-images including a remarkable large reclining statue. Its particular impressing at noon, when the sunlight floods into the dome-shaped central cave.
nother 15 minutes ride passes through rustic villages and bright green paddy fields. Finally you reach a large coconut plantation and new tourist territory. Inside this ‘jungle like plantation lives a German expatriate and raises fish with his Thai family. You have lunch on the verandah of a wooden Thai-house. After lunch a short boat-trip starts in front of the house. The narrow tributary with its lush tropical vegetation flows soon afterwards into the wider Petchaburi-River.
The small fishing-boat passes along old wooden Thai-style-houses, along orchards, tropical gardens, palm trees and mangroves. It heads for the impressive Wat Khao (temple on the hill). Though famous in Thailand, it’s barely explored by western tourists. The hilltop provides fine views of the surrounding countryside. Back at the farm you visit the fish-pond, accompanied by the farmer.

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