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Introducing Phuket
When we think about the island in which there is plenty of accommodation and all kinds of facilities. In addition, a number of various activities can also be found in this island. Phuket has a lot more to offer its visitors than its natural heritage of sea, sand, sky beach, forest, and world renowned diving sites. Sino-Portuguese architecture casts its spell delighting travellers to the city, while Phuket style of hospitality has never failed to impress visitors from all walk of life.

Things to do and see in Phuket

Phuket Beach
Few islands can boast of such an abundance of sandy beaches and clear waters as Phuket. The winding coastal roads along the west coast of this 540-square-km island offer stunning views and easy access to some of the world's finest beaches. Whether one wants to sample the frenetic pace of Patong or find solitude on a remote stretch of sand in the north, Phuket's beaches have it all for the sun seeker. The monsoon rains of May-October can bring unpredictable swimming conditions, so heed the posted flag warnings.
Phuket National Parks
Phuket's parks are oases of relaxation and if you're a nature lover expect to be surprised by the depth and width of the flora and fauna on show here. It's certainly not like back home! Riding an elephant through the jungle can be a dream come true and wallowing in an ultra-cool waterfall the very best way to get to grips with the midday tropical heat. Phuket also has beachside parks that combine the best of the shade with cooling sea breezes. And of course don't forget the sensational viewpoints that afford sweeping vistas over this green island.

Visiting a national park in Thailand is not free. The rates are 200 baht for foreign adults, 100 baht for foreign kids. Thai adults 20 baht and Thai kids 10 baht.
Phuket History & Culture
Unlike many Thai provincial capitals, Phuket Town fairly shines with personality and nowhere more so than its Old Town. In this historically rich part of town you will find shrines, temples (Buddhist and Chinese), ornate and beautifully preserved 'shophouses', quaint cafés, tiny printing shops, impromptu private and public museums and even a mini ex-red light district.

Phuket Old Town was built on riches reaped from Phuket's tin boom of last century, when the metal was an extremely valuable commodity. In this quarter of the town you will see grandiose Sino-colonial mansions, once occupied by Phuket's tin barons of 100 years' ago. Phuket Old Town is compact enough to stroll around in. The best time to do this is early in the morning or after the day has lost its heat. There are enough restaurants and cafés to provide you with refreshments so don't bother taking a picnic along!
Phuket Tours & Travel
Phuket is a paradise on Earth. You can try snorkelling and scuba diving above beautiful coral reefs or explore the islands on kayak or cruises. You can even hop on an elephant and trek through the jungle. Whatever your dream holiday may be, we can make it a reality. We use our extensive experience to bring you only the finest Phuket tours and trips.
Phi Phi Islands
Phi Phi Islands - One hour from Phuket Island, Phi Phi offers stunning scenery with white sandy beaches surrounded by majestic limestone cliffs. There are several snorkeling spots around these islands which have a huge variety of colourful marine life. If you want to see it all without being rushed, we recommend a full day.
Sea Kayaking
This exciting trip offers you one full day journey into the scenic world of the mysterious hongs (‘room’ in English), by kayaking through the amazing landscape of PhangNga Bay.

As informative as it is fun, experienced and witty guides point out the sights while providing the muscle power needed to propel the kayak through the otherworldly cenery.
Throw in a tasty lunch and all the little things done right, and it all adds up to a memorable day in one of the world’s most unique locations.
Eco Tour Elephant Trekking, Safari, Jungles
Eco Tours are becoming popular in a big way. In a way it's not so surprising as Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to exploring and discovering the wonders of nature, especially in the Phuket, KhaoSok and KhaoLak regions.

Lumbering through the jungle on the back of a swaying elephant is an unforgettable experience, as is a tree adventure tour and even more exhilerating is bamboo rafting downstream during the rainy season, observing the jungle wildlife. For the more active visitor to these regions, high adventure beckons.
Phuket Golf Courses
Country Clubs In South Thailand
Phuket Golf Courses: Thailand’s southern provinces of Phuket and PhangNga have long been the destinations of people looking for rest and relaxation.
Now, for those who enjoy the challenges of golfing, the two provinces offer world class courses set in stunning scenery, and, at very reasonable rates. Designed around the natural features of the landscape the courses offer spectacular, sometimes daunting, natural hazards and provide a challenge for golfers at every level.
Over the years, the Golf Clubs in PhangNga and Phuket have attracted world ranking tournaments such as the Johnnie Walker Classic and a number of prestigious awards.
Phuket Nightlife And Entertainment
Fantasea Show
If you're looking for bright lights, crowds and pounding music on all sides, then head for Patong Beach. During the last twenty years, this former fishing village has evolved into a rollicking resort town with a wide range of entertainment.
Aside from a huge range of restaurants you have a choice of beer-bars, go-go bars, discotheques and transvestite cabarets. Or you might opt for a quiet piano bar at one of the resort's hotels.

Phuket Fantasea
Phuket Fantasea Show: Inspired by Thailand's rich and exotic heritage, Phuket FantaSea not only showcases the charm and beauty of Thailand, but also enriches ancient Thai traditions with the wonder of cutting edge technology and special effects.
The result is a stunning 140-acre theme complex, packed with a multitude of activities and entertainment: a Carnival village with games, handicrafts and shopping; a 4,000 seat theme restaurant offering a grand buffet of Thai and international cuisines; and a breath-taking Las Vegas-style theatrical show, where state-of-the-art technology and special effects enhance the grace and beauty of Thailand's Myths, Mysteries and Magic in a wondrous extravaganza certain to delight the whole family.
PhangNga Bay is where some of the most spectacular sites for paddlers can be found.

Below is a selection of programmes which offer a high standard of service and excellent value for money. A day trip is brilliant, but for the ultimate experience, try sea canoeing under the stars at night. The Starlight program or overnight sea canoe programmes are unforgettable.
The strange and beautiful limestone scenery around this area contains a secret world of karsts, caves, tunnels and interior lagoons - known locally as 'hongs'. These collapsed caverns eroded by natural forces over millions of years, can only be entered by a sea canoe or kayak when the tide is just right, revealing a hidden and unique natural environment. An ideal eco-tourist activity, sea canoeing provides the perfect way to explore this fascinating world. The quiet approach does not intrude on the local wildlife and leaves plenty of time to appreciate the fantastic scenery and natural wonders.
No need to paddle. The safe, inflatable kayaks, are expertly paddled by licensed guides with a good local knowledge of the natural history and geography of the area. Local operators have so far gained access to dozens of hongs between PhangNga and Krabi to the south. .

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The 'City of Angels' has funky markets, upmarket malls, a riverside full of surprises, a vibrant nightlife scene, many fabulous sights and attractions that reflect its unique heritage-


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