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Thailand Festival

Thailand Festival (April)

April Phanom Rung Fair Buri Ram
April Songkran Festival Nationwide
April Bangkok Songkran Festival Bangkok
April Chiang Mai Songkran Festival Chiang Mai
April Pattaya Festival Pattaya
April Phra Padaeng Songkran Festival Samut Prakan
April Ancestral Spirits Ceremony Si-Racha Chonburi

Phanom Rung Fair
Located on a hilltop with splendid views, Phanom Rung is an impressive Khmer temple dating from the early part of the Angkor Wat period, adorned with superb stone carvings. The temple complex, recently restored by the Fine Arts Department, is the centerpiece of this fair, which also features various exhibits.

Songkran Festival
The Traditional Thai New Year is an occasion for merrymaking in Bangkok as well as in other parts of the country religious ceremonies as well as public festivities. Anyone who ventures out on the streets is likely to get a through soaking, but all in a spirit of fun welcome at the peak of the hot season.

Bangkok Songkran Festival
The traditional Thai New Year is celebrated citywide, most notably at Sanam Luang, fronting the Grand Palace, where the revered Phra Buddha Sihing image is displayed and bathed by devotees, and at Winsutkasat, where a Miss Songkran beauty contest is accompanied by merit-making, paying respects to elders and numerous forms of entertainment, including high-spirited water throwing.

Chiang Mai Songkran Festival
Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year, is celebrated all over the country but nowhere with more enthusiasm than in Chiang Mai.
Part of the celebration is religious, marked by merit-making ceremonies at local temples, and part is pure pleasure, with good-natured water throwing, parades, and beauty contests.

Pattaya Festival
Thailand's world-famous seaside resort puts on its most festive face for this annual event, held at the height of the summer season. Food and floral floats, beauty contests, stalls selling local delicacies, and a spectacular display of fireworks on the beach are only a few of the highlights that attract merry-makers.

Phra Padaeng Songkran Festival
The mons was among Thailand's earliest settlers and a large community of them still lives in the Phra Padaeng district of Samut Prakan province, just south of Bangkok. They, too, celebrate the start of the old former solar New Year sithe a thorough cleaning of the house, religious observances, and colour parades.

Ancestral Spirits Ceremony
Local people celebrate commencement of the traditional Thai New Year, customarily a time for paying respect to one's elders, by offering food to ancestral spirits. Festivities include a colourful procession, ceremonial food offerings, a beauty contest, culinary demonstrations, sports competitions, and musical and cultural performances.

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