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Thailand Festival

Thailand Festival (December)

December Festival of Traditional Sports & Games Bangkok
December Trooping Of the Colors Bangkok
December H.M.The King's Birthday Celebrations Nationwide
December Parade of the Illuminated Lanterns & Electric Floats Bangkok
December I-San Kite Festival Buri Ram
December New Year Countdown Thailand
December Christmas Star Festival Parade Thailand

Festival of Traditional Sports & Games
A highly interesting demonstration of local and traditional sporting events and folk games, recalling the heritage of a nation.

Trooping Of the Colors
Their Majesties the King and Queen preside over this impressive annual event, held in the Royal Plaza near the equestrian statue of King Chulalongkorn. Dressed in colorful uniforms, amid much pomp and ceremony, members of the elite Royal Guards swear allegiance to the King and march past members of the Royal Family.

H.M.The King's Birthday Celebrations
The deep reverence felt by all Thais for their King is perhaps unique in the modern world, and his birthday provides an annual occasion for public expression. Government buildings, businesses, and homes all over the country are elaborately decorated and the area around the Grand Palace is spectacularly illuminated.

Parade of the Illuminated Lanterns & Electric Floats
Especially organized to add colour and excitement to the month of December, when major highlights of the 50th Anniversary of His Majesty's Accession to the Throne will be featured. Bright and glittering lights of the parade along Ratchadamnoen Avenue make a most impressive sight.

I-San Kite Festival
This annual competition features various form of traditional Thai kites; and includes surrogate battles of the sexes featuring Chula (male) and Pakpao (female) kites.

Christmas Star Festival Parade
Sakhon Nakhon Province will hold the “Star of David Festival” during Christmas Eve and on Christmas day. Visitors can enjoy the Christmas Star Festival parade as local residents, who are Catholics and Christians, adorn their homes with colorful lights and stars to signify their faith. There will be a concert of carol singers and street-side vendors offering food. Star of David in Sakhon Nakon province is to be held from 23-25 December 2011.

New Year Countdown: 31 December
The countdown is in Bangkok, Phuket, or a far northern destination; the Thailand New Year Celebrations will carry the hallmarks of fun and genuine hospitality that make the kingdom such a rewarding destination to visit. This is the land of smiles and “sanook” so what better place to ring in the new year than Thailand.

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