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Thailand Festival

Thailand Festival (March)

March Chao Mae Lim Ko Nieo Fair Pattani
March Hae Pha Khun That Nakhon Si Thammarat
March The Four Tribes Of Si Sa Ket Annual Cultural Festival Si Sa Ket
March Poi Sang Long Mae Hong Son
March Thao Suranari Fair Nakhon Ratchasima

Chao Mae Lim KO Nieo Fair
Chao Mae Lim Ko Nieo, a goldess believed to possess potent magic powers, is revered in Pattani and other provinces of the far south. This annual fair pays homage to her and features ascetics able to perform extraordinary feats of endurance as well as alively procession of devotees through the provincial capital.

Hae Pha Khun That
During this three day event, the people of Nakhon Si Thammarat pay homage to locally enshrined relics of the Buddha. There are a number of religious ceremonies, among them a traditional merit-making procession which brings a Phra Botfia cloth painting of the Lord Buddha's life storyfito be placed over the relics.

The Four Tribes of Si Sa Ket Annual Cultural Festival
The three-day festival features cultural performances by four different ethnic groups of Thailand, a light & sound drama, a beauty contest, and local product sales.

Poi Sang Long
Held in one of Thailand's most scenic areas, this celebrates the ordination of novices belonging to the Thai Yai tribal group.

Thao Suranari Fair
This annual fair celebrates a local heroine who rallied townspeople against foreign invaders during the 1800s. Celebrations customarily feature fireworks displays, colourful processions, cultural displays and exhibitions, and beauty contests.

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